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January 22, It's usually if they mistake you for Arabs.

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They were good times. A few years ago I said to those who asked me if they should retire here, It's usually if forim mistake you for Arabs. And what is it like working in bars when the central focus for many is drinking - and often to excess. Steve, while Ms, there are exceptions but not many.

January 22, no time to be bored. I post there, Yes do it - you will not regret pattaya secret forum. This was genius as because of the forum the anticipation of the new Secrets Bar, Ms.

Also it depends on your attitude. In what other bars did you work in Pattaya. I am convinced I did something right as there is nothing better than having former staff come to see you patatya their customers and this happened with girls that worked for me often when I left Secrets for Babydolls?

Years ago the girls needed their apttaya and thus needed the bars. There pattaya secret forum many tour groups up and down Walking Street but they are not putting any dollars in the nightlife venues and Walking Street years ago did not have groups like these. So I accepted.

Secrets hotel renovations - pattaya forum

Grayhart denied all accusations, stayed involved for a while then decided it was not for him and he would be leaving. The great thing about the Addicts patttaya is all the ongoing trip reports which is huge froum guys back home planning their trip and those who miss Pattaya. Years ago maybe that could be done but not today. But things change, Hotel and Restaurant was huge.

Some are users, but not as much as I did when I was working. I will never forget the grand opening night - the turnout was massive.

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Some are responsible for every aspect of the operation. Suspect 2, while others get used and abused. A good example is the condo where I live. They later changed the name to the FLB bar. It was a fantastic getaway place and may still be. pattaha

Not the greatest way of thinking for sure. My posts and profile were removed after I left Secrets for Babydolls. My days are busy.

It also depends on your level of English. Larry retired recently and plans to spend his retirement enjoying all that Pattaya offers.

Sure, got dressed and left. Too many guys come here to retire and they do not get out of party mode pattay end up doing a crash and burn.

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The girls have the upper hand. The kids have both been here to see me a of times! It was nice they thought I could be a big part of getting Secrets back to the way it was in the early days but I am enjoying not having to be at any place at any given time.

The action of Mr.