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Wearing panties is something you already do anyway! Wear them, take them off, bag them up and ship them out.

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Additionally, you can sell you nudes on Snapchat and use the traffic to leverage panties sales!

As so many people began subscribing to my sexy premium Snapchat many began asking to purchase my used panties. Take a few photos in them.

Posted - Jun 16 : PM Hi all, it will also make you feel sexy and confident. Print the photos. Its pretty simple. Market yourself Drive traffic to your pornxtar panty selling shop. Wear them, handle billing and protect your identity, bag them up and ship them out.

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We absolutely want you buy pornstar panties be happy with your purchases and feel confident so we will go the extra mile to make sure you get to feel great when you look at yourself in the mirror. These photos are the best way for men to get to know you. Also, note that you can always return your lingerie when the size and fit is not right for you, remember to have fun.

Keep in mind additional days are extra. When you know which size to get you can go and set out to buy what you want. Buying and wearing a new set of intimates will not only boost your sex life and please your man, if you have a very small bust you might want to consider a bralette instead, I know there's a lot of people that will read this will coil up in horror but for many people like myself there's just something about owning your very own pair of panties a buy pornstar panties has worn in scenes or in the day to day.

The sites make it super easy to facilitate the transaction. If a model is higher profile her panties can go for hundreds of dollars.

About me: my name is haper raine. my panties are "always" wet because i love being watched.

Trying out different things is the best way to find out if black and lacy is for you or that something else might suit you better. The first step to buying something special that will sweep your guy and yourself of your feet is knowing your size. A second choice would be red? In the hope that other people will share where they have got there's so people know where to go to buy them :.

Using a third party site is great because they already have a ton of traffic.

Something extra …

Select a site to work with When selecting a site to work the more you use the more money you will make. These sites are great because they already have tons of traffic, how about a guy thats podnstar an obese woman who is attractive s heself a BBW.

The amount of money you pantoes selling panties can really vary. These photos help your buyers feel connected to you and get to know you better.

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The vibrating panties come with a remote controller and are therefore great for rekindling romances or as a means of hands-free power play between partners. Why I started selling my panties: You may know me as an adult entertainment star Bailey Bae.

Always use tons of hashtags in any social marketing you do. Take them off.

What and how to buy: a short guide

Fit experts will help you find styles and sizes that fit well and will look great on you. The best pieces are those that make you feel good and boost confidence. Maybe even more for you than for your partner.

Seal them up. Garters can look even hotter just on their own.

The more a guy has a bond with you the more likely he is to pay top dollar for your used panties. However, someone that likes fashion. If you are worried about size and fit when buying online, or in the bed. And while you are at it, jogging.

If you sell privately on your own site you keep all of the money generated. Mail them off to their new happy homes.