27th, 29th and 30th of July

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Defined as XCO (Cross Country Olympic), it is the only discipline of the MTB that has entered the Summer Olympics program. It is a race between bikers that develops along a ring circuit from 4 to 10 km long, often created specifically, which is repeated for a definite number of laps. Cross-country races last an average of 1.5 to 2 hours and are characterized by a high level of effort, sustained speed and technical routes (rock gardens, single-track runs, roots, blind curves).

XCR (Cross Country Team Relay) it is one of the MTB’s disciplines: each national team selects five of its athletes, three men and two women, and each must make a lap of the route.


XCO and XCR will run on the same track. The race ring is featuring three main sections, 4000mt length and 150 mt elevation gain for lap.The first part of the track, about 1200mt, is a very fast section drawn through green field and bike lane that introduce the hardest and most technical part of the route. Going up to Mte. Castellino athletes will face shorter and steep climbs followed by very technical passages between rocks and roots. Seven natural sections with different features where pilots will have to challenge the laws of gravity between a noisy crowd. The end of the circuit is a mix of speed and show where the jumps, parabolic curves and bumps of the “Pump Arena” will be the last obstacle to overcome before the finish line.


First lap length: 2500mt – only per XCO races
Lap length: 4000mt
Lap elevation gap: 150mt
Single Trails length: 1200mt
Technical section: 7 + Pump Arena
Tarmac: 10%

Gravel: 2%
Grass: 15%
Offroad: 73%

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