28th of July

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A highly spectacular race, characterized by short and technical track, with tournaments and time challenges between four athletes. The XCE (Cross Country Eliminator) is a mix of Olympic cross-country, race type, and four-cross format. The discipline is backed up with a renewed formula that aims to conquer the city and the public’s interest.


XCE will run on a short track of 700 mt. The race ring features four technical sections with woods, stairs, gravel and the spectacular Pump Arena. After the start many trunks will make the first selection before going down and climbing on two flight of steps. A gravel lane will test the control of the bikes in low grip conditions before face up to bumps, jumps and parabolic curves of the Pump Arena followed by the finish line. An explosive mix of action, and fun, where adrenaline will flowing for an exciting and breatheless fight against time.


Lap length: 700mt
Technical section: 3 + Pump Arena
Tarmac: 50%
Gravel: 10%
Offroad: 40%

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