In 1965, a group of enthusiasts led by Fausto Felter founded A.S.BOARIO, a company that organized various sport competitions. The first bike racing team was set up the following year thanks to the passion of Augusto Maffi, Piero Fellegara and Romano Mora, company's executives who will later make the story of this company.

The long organizational path starts immediately and it will lead the thermal town of Boario, to be the home of important cycling events aimed at professionals, juniors, beginners and amateurs.
The arrival of Giro d'Italia stage in 1982, the pre-season for amateurs and the Italian Championship for Amateurs have been the pearl of its history, but the organizing team, headed by the highly enthusiastic Augusto Maffi, offered top races with the participation of Athletes of all nationalities who speeded down the roads of Valcamonica.

In 1984, the first "junior" team was presented. Piero Camanini and Marcello Ravani were part of the management that led the company for many years. Subsequently, a team of amateurs and beginners wearing the yellow-blue jersey of A.S. Boario, sponsored by Toro Assicurazioni, competed honoring the social colors with the help of Piero Fellegara.

In 2000, Ezio Maffi assumed the presidency by promoting, with his father Augusto, other remarkable cycling events: Ruota d'Oro (Golden Wheel), Settimana Lombarda (Lombard Week) and Brixia Tour for Professionals. Maffi family's passion for cycling led to a bond with Lampre which, before the Christmas time, joined A.S. BOARIO with Galbusera family's team.

In 2012, the former competition judge, organizer, chairman and beloved father Augusto, passed away. His son, Ezio, decided with Paolo Richini to remember him in a prestigious competition in 2013: the Italian Cycling Championship of first-class categories, both male and female juniors.

The appointments in 2014 and 2015 of the tricoloured competition is a recent story. Since 1965, more than 70 races for each category have been organized, some have left an indelible memory to the enthusiasts.

  • 1969: Premondiale (amateur)
  • 1982: Arrival stage of Giro d'Italia
  • 1982: Bergamasca Week (international amateurs)
  • 1982: Amateur Italian Championships
  • 1984: stage 3Tre (international juniores)
  • 1995: stage 3Tre (international juniores)
  • 2000: stage of the Ruota d'oro (Golden Wheel) (professional.)
  • 2001: stage of Lombard Week (professional.)
  • 2001,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 stage Brixia Tour (prof.)
  • 2013,2014,2015 Italian Championships Cycling Pupils, Beginner M/F
  • 2016 Italian Championships Cycling Professionals, Elite Women, Junior Women